veronicaveronicabackArchtop tenor guitars from the 30s and 40s were often little more than a tenor neck stuck on a standard six string guitar body. The result was usually an outsized, overbuilt, and under-responsive instrument with little volume and a thin, nasal sound. VERONICA, on the other hand, is designed to be a tenor guitar. The body cavity is correctly sized to respond to tenor tuning, to maximize power and improve tone. The instrument has the throaty “thunk” you’d expect from an archtop rhythm guitar, as well as a sweet, clear tone when playing single notes. VERONICA is also available as a cutaway in a standard clear blonde finish, or a deluxe sunburst with block inlays. A Kent Armstrong humbucker pickup, mounted to the pickguard, with a volume control and endpin jack (as shown below) is also available.


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Total Length Width-Upper Bout Width-Lower Bout Max. Depth of Body Body Length Scale Length
35″ 9″ 13″ 3″ 17″ 23″