STRETCH – The Electric Bass Uke

stretchThere is an inordinate number of bass players who double on ukulele. Something about the tiny, chordal instrument holds an irresistible attraction for people who often just pluck one note at a time and must fit their vehicles around their axe. So, at last there is an instrument not much bigger than a tenor uke, that not only plays in the bass octave, but sounds remarkably similar to an upright bass. STRETCH utilizes the same silicone rubber strings as the DeArmond Ashbory Bass. The fretless 18″ scale is inlaid with maple fret markers on a rosewood or ebony fingerboard. The body and neck are mahogany. An active piezo saddle transducer provides a signal for an on-board preamp with volume, treble, and bass controls. The sound is as big as the instrument is small, and it fits in an airline overhead compartment!

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Total Length Body Width Body Depth Body Length Scale Length
29″ 9″ 1 3/4″ 12″ 18″