sputnikFrom out of the blue comes Sputnik. The Russians didn’t tell us, when it took off back in 1957, that the first satellite to orbit the earth and launch the space race was actually a ukulele (which undoubtedly inspired Neal Armstrong to be the first ukulele player to walk on the moon)! Like any time capsule, Sputnik looks a little out of date. Fins were big in the ’50s, as were colors like Sea Foam Green and Fiesta Red, chrome trim, and, of course, that marvel of the plastics industry, Pearloid (aka Mother of Toilet Seat). But don’t let those looks fool you, Sputnik is a great sounding uke. With a poplar body, bolt-on neck, and a concert scale ebony fretboard, Sputnik pumps out a sound that’s out of this world – warm, loud, and full. There’s also a Schatten soundboard transducer so you can plug Sputnik into the stratosphere. Sputnik also travels nicely in a lightweight plush lined chipboard case. Whether you’re just sitting around the launch pad or on an enterprising starship, Sputnik can provide an otherworldly soundtrack to an otherwise down-to-earth day.

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Total Length Body Length Maximum Width of Body Maximum Depth of Body Scale Length
24″ 11″ 7″ 1 7/8″ 14 7/8″