Selma Acoustic Tenor Guitar



Mario Maccaferri had several distinguished careers as a gifted classical guitarist, a brilliant luthier, and a highly successful plastics manufacturer. His guitar designs for the Selmer Company and their subsequent refinements made musical history and are regarded as one of his crowning achievements (perhaps even greater than his 9 million plastic ukuleles!). While Selmer did make some tenor guitars, as well as the infamous Eddie Freeman Special with its unique tuning and powerful sound, they were not as well accepted as the 6 string models and were later discontinued. Earnest Instruments has picked up the ball and created Selma, a scaled down tenor version of the Django Reinhardt Model, the top of the Selmer line and the instrument endorsed and played by Django himself. Selma incorporates the “petite bouche” that gave that instrument its renowned projection, as well as its uniquely arched top, floating bridge, slot head, and distinctive tailpiece. Selma is available in a variety of tonewoods including mahogany, rosewood, koa, maple, and walnut, and in several scale lengths from 21″ to 23″ (a plectrum model is also available)


Eddy Davis headstock


Selma top detail

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Total Length Width-Upper Bout Width-Lower Bout Depth of Sides Body Length Scale Length Neck Width at Nut
33 -35″ 9 3/4″ 14 3/4″ 3 3/4″ 16 1/2″ 21″ – 23″ 1 1/8″