5-string Radiator


4-string Radiator

It’s acoustic; it’s electric; it’s resophonic; it’s the RADIATOR – Earnest Instruments’ latest “resocoustilectric” tenor guitar! Available in either four or five string (suggested tuning, FCGDA) models, the RADIATOR features a hollow thinline ash body, bolt-on maple neck with two-way truss rod, rosewood fretboard, and National-style cone and biscuit bridge. The unique “apostrophic” soundholes enhance the bass and midrange harmonics giving the RADIATOR a loud and full acoustic sound. Plugged in, The RADIATOR just cooks with tone. Standard electronics include a lipstick tube pickup and a McIntyre piezo transducer with tone and volume controls and a three-way switch. Standard finish is satin lacquer with a translucent blonde color. Other finishes and electronic options are available. Rectangular hardshell case included

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Total Length Width-Upper Bout Width-Lower Bout Max. Depth of Body Neck Width at nut Scale Length
36″ 9″ 13 3/8″ 2″ 4-String: 1 1/8″5-String: 1 7/16″ 23″