octavfrt The original EARNEST octave mandolin has gone through a number of design changes and refinements resulting in OCTAVIO, a flat-top, octave mandolin featuring a strong, guitar-like bass and a sweet, balanced treble with lots of sustain. The deep, rounded teardrop shape creates a large air chamber allowing the instrument to respond to the low G strings, while the 23″ scale gives it the “feel” of a tenor banjo. OCTAVIO fills a void in the mandolin family. It creates an ideal voice for Celtic music, as well as other ethnic, classical, and contemporary styles. OCTAVIO is available in domestic or exotic tonewoods, with a spruce top, ebony or rosewood fingerboard (12″ radius or flat), and ivoroid binding.

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Curly Mahogany


Total Length Width-Lower Bout Max. Depth of Body Body Length Scale Length
34 7/8″ 13″ 2 5/8″ 16 5/8″ 23″