Flying TV

flyingtvnatural flyingtvyellowWhy anyone would want a V-shaped guitar is a question that only V-shaped guitar owners can answer. But, despite its meteoric crash on the guitar market when originally introduced in the late 50s, the Flying V has endured and, in fact, become a “classic” design in the world of weird shaped guitars. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Earnest Instruments) a tenor V was apparently never produced. Again, why would anyone want a V-shaped tenor guitar? Whatever!

For all those who have been waiting all these decades, here–at last–is the FLYING TV electric tenor guitar. With a bolt-on mahogany neck and two-way adjustable truss rod, the FLYING TV features a rosewood fretboard with pearloid dots, Kent Armstrong mini-humbucker pickups, Gotoh keystone tuners, a tunematic bridge, and a custom V shaped tailpiece. Available in mahogany, alder, or limba (aka Korinna), the FLYING TV can be finished in clear gloss lacquer, or your choice of colors including TV yellow (as shown in the photos).

Great for rock, metal, country, blues, jam, outer space—or wherever you’d want a V-shaped tenor guitar. The FLYING TV is destined restore the V-shaped tenor guitar to its rightful position at the leading edge of the forefront of the avant guard of the je-ne-sais-quoi of tenor guitar music!

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Custom colors: please inquire

Total Length Body Length Body Width Body Depth Scale  Length Neck Width at Nut
38 1/2″ 18 1/2″ 15″ 1 1/2″ 23″ 1 1/8″