Earnest Instruments

EARNEST INSTRUMENTS are created for musicians who require functional, distinctive, high quality tools for making music. These are not your garden variety music store axes, but uncommon musical instruments designed to meet the needs of innovative players looking for something a little different. Rather than build reproductions of standard manufactured items, EARNEST combines time-tested styles and designs to create unique, original instruments with a classic appearance. Every effort is made to build the finest sounding and playing instruments. Their expense results from the quality of the materials and workmanship rather than unnecessary detail or excessive ornamentation. Materials are chosen for utility, tone, and appearance. Domestic and lesser known exotic tonewoods are favored over rare, overpriced, and often endangered species. Natural and manufactured materials are combined with appropriate adhesives and fasteners, at optimum humidity, to insure the stability and durability of the instruments. Earnest Instruments are built for a lifetime of music making!

In 2018, I built my 500th instrument and decided that it might be time to retire. I still have a few more instruments that I’d like to build, and some beautiful wood that has yet to be used. I’m interested in doing more custom instruments and less of the production models that are still listed on this site, for historical reference. Contact me directly with your ideas and interests, and to see what I might have in stock. I also have numerous vintage tenor guitars and other vintage instruments for sale.